Flesh quality analysis and consultancy

We offer a fast and cost-effective texture analysis service for salmon and trout.

We are experts at measuring fillet firmness and tensile strength, and have a large database of texture values for reference.

We use highly sensitive texture analysis equipment and have many years experience of flesh quality measurement.

The Warner Bratzler shear test employs a blunt blade to cut the sample giving a measure of firmness, while the tensile test measures the work required to pull apart a standardised piece of fillet, giving a valuable indication of its likelihood of gaping.

We also offer digital image analysis of colour, gaping and bloodspots.

For our standard service we require fresh or cold-smoked D-trim fillets from fish over 2 kg weight. We will perform duplicate firmness and tensile strength measurements, analyse the data and produce a report.

Flesh Quality Consultancy

Xelect carries out consultancy on flesh quality problems for producers worldwide. Our service includes site audits of farming, transport and processing operations by leading experts in the field and the establishment of ongoing quality monitoring programs.

We offer full support in terms of training, data analysis and interpretation, providing sound practical advice backed by sound science.