Xelect offers an expert parentage and genetic relatedness analysis service. We are able to use DNA samples from batches of individuals to reconstruct pedigrees and to estimate genetic distance between pairs of individuals. This is very useful to breeders of any species of farmed animals as it allows the selection of broodstock with optimal genetic distance. Monitoring relatedness is also a valuable way of detecting in-breeding in farmed strains. Parentage analysis is a useful tool in family selection breeding programmes as it allows mixed progeny to be raised in a single tank or cage and to be assigned to full sib family groups at a later date for trait based mating selection.


Service currently available for rainbow trout, brown trout, Atlantic salmon, Arctic char and more species can be added upon request.

relatednessHeatmap of genetic relatedness between individualssibs

Pairwise sib and half-sib plot

The differences in genotypes between individuals is a powerful tool for mapping relatedness, assigning parentage or for assigning an unknown sample to a population of origin. We can offer bespoke analysis services for most major aquaculture species. This is a highly tailored service so please contact us to discuss your needs and prices.