Aberdeen intern makes great progress

June 30, 2017 4:19 pm

Alicia Bertolotti has spent the last 3 months performing an internship placement at Xelect in St Andrews.

Alicia is a PhD student in the Macqueen lab group at University of Aberdeen. Her research is co-funded and co-supervised by Xelect, and seeks to explore novel forms of genetic variation with huge potential to influence aquaculture traits such as disease resistance and product quality. Alicia’s research is aimed at finding variable copy numbers of important genes – a crucial aspect of genetic variation that is completely missed by traditional genotyping technologies. During her placement at Xelect, Alicia has gained valuable commercial experience of the running of a busy molecular biology lab, and has had the opportunity to progress her own research by validating several highly promising candidate gene regions she has discovered.

More information about Alicia’s research can be found here

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