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August 8, 2016 8:49 pm

Xelect is delighted to announce a licence and genetic services agreement with Atlantic salmon producer Cermaq Canada, granting access to Xelect’s proprietary genetic marker technology for selecting fish with superior production traits.

Based in British Columbia, Cermaq Canada is part of the Cermaq group, which is wholly owned by the Mitsubishi Corporation. They maintain a focus on quality and sustainability ‘from egg to plate’, and operate a selective breeding programme that drives steady gains in growth, survival and low early maturation.

The Xelect genetic technology is the result of extensive scientific research into the physiology and development of fish muscle and the genes regulating these processes. We have identified genetic variants that are linked with a higher density of muscle fibres in the flesh, which allows faster growth rates while maintaining firm fillet quality. Xelect is also providing access to our full range of other carcass quality trait markers.

The genetic markers will allow Cermaq Canada even greater ability to select the elite performing fish from their potential broodstock, while maintaining genetic diversity and keeping inbreeding to a minimum.Steve Fukui

Steve Fukui, Broodstock Manager, Cermaq Canada, said “We are excited to be working with Xelect and seeing the benefits of the marker assisted selection and look forward to a long working relationship.”

The deal is part of a long-term program whereby Xelect will align its R&D priorities with the needs of Cermaq and bring new technologies into their breeding program as they become available.

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