Xelect Ltd

Xelect provides specialist genetics support to the aquaculture industry worldwide.

We offer a fast and cost-effective “one stop shop” for the genetic management of breeding programs including parentage assignment, control of inbreeding and family selection. Xelect is a leader in marker assisted selection. Markers for superior production traits in Atlantic salmon and Nile tilapia are available for licensing worldwide. Xelect has a strong research and development pipeline of genetic markers for other traits and species including rainbow trout, sea bass and sea bream. Our current customers for broodstock management including leading producers of Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout, sea bass and sea bream. Our well-equipped laboratories also carry out service work including DNA extraction and normalisation, genotyping, DNA-based sex determination, flesh quality consultancy and “next day” triploidy testing of live eggs.

We take pride in the high levels of satisfaction achieved for our services among our customers in 17countries including New Zealand, Chile, Armenia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Norway, UK and the USA.

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